Baby Yoga

Give your baby the best possible environment to thrive in, and provide them with a fantastic start in life…Health, Happiness, Security and a feeling of being Loved.


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About Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is a centuries old tradition, which can help give a child the best possible start in life. The benefits of baby yoga for both mum and baby are significant and widely endorsed by medical practitioners around the world.

Baby yoga involves the parent or caregiver learning a sequence of stretches, poses and moves. These will enhance their baby’s physiological and psychological development, as well as nurture with both bonding and attachment.

Our exercise classes will also provide a welcoming social platform for mums to feel at ease, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby well-being

Baby Yoga improves relaxation and encourages longer sleep periods for infants. In addition, stimulates the brain and can provide a better quality of sleep.

Baby co-ordination

Helps with balancing both baby co-ordination and their motor skills. Focuses around stimulation for all of their major systems. This includes important aspects, such as learning and language progression, digestion and breathing rhythm.

Conditions for the Baby

Aids in relieving the effects of constipation, colic and wind. It also improve with baby muscle development, whilst strengthening their body and reflexes. Achieves this, whilst encouraging the baby to move freely.

Bonding and Attachment

Designed specifically to help the bonding process with your baby, on both an emotional and physical level. As well as this, it can aid with confidence building for both parents or caregiver.

Book Sessions

Please read before booking: This Baby Yoga course is suitable from 8 weeks – 20 weeks of age. If your baby has any health issues it is essential to see your GP before commencing the course.

If you have had a caesarean section, it is recommended that you wait until 12 weeks before commencing this course. For vaginal birth, it is recommended you wait 6-8 weeks.